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General guidelines

Abstracts must be sent through the online form described on this website. Abstracts sent by fax or email will NOT be accepted.

The online submission form will be available until December 9, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. (peninsular time). Abstracts received after this date will not be considered.

The acceptance of the work will be announced via email to the presenter from December 23, 2020 on. At this time, the specific instructions for the preparation of the presentation will be sent, depending on the type (oral or poster).

The presenting author must be registered.

Each abstract will be signed by a maximum of 6 authors.

The submitted abstract should not have been previously published.

One author may not present more than one abstract, although he may appear as a co-author in several of them.

Abstracts must be submitted in Spanish or English.

Format guidelines

It is very important that all authors follow the instructions described in this section. Failure to comply with the drafting and submission rules may, in the opinion of the Scientific Committee, lead to a request of a new draft or their final rejection.

When entering the data in the online form, the following guidelines must be considered:

Title: In capital letters without a period at the end.

Authors: Name and Surname of all authors and co-authors starting with the main author. Do not forget to add the full name of all of them so that they can be included in the final program, author index, certificate, etc. It is not allowed to mention or refer to the authors, center and / or location in the title or in the text of the abstract. Abstract that fail to comply with the aforementioned rule will be automatically rejected by the Scientific Committee.

Contact email: Fill in the personal details of the contact person. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory (the contact person is responsible for obtaining the necessary permission from the rest of the authors or institutions cited). The email address that you indicate when filling in this information will be used to send you any notification or confirmation. It is important to make sure that the address is correct and always use the same one.

Work Center:
The service and work center of each of the authors must be included.
  • Do not exceed a maximum number of 6 authors
  • The summaries will be structured according to the following scheme:
    1. Introduction
    2. Development or materials and methods
    3. Results and conclusions
    4. Keywords
    5. Bibliography (from 3 to 5 references following the Vancouver guidelines).
  • Maximum length: 250 words.
  • Charts, tables and images are not allowed.
  • In the online form, the main author must select the type of presentation requested: Oral or Poster. The Scientific Committee will try to respect the author's presentation preferences; however, in the event that the number of oral communications exceeds the available capacity, the scientific committee may decide to accept it as a poster.
  • The automatic confirmation that you will receive by e-mail at the end of the submission process will include a password to be able to access the system again in case you want to make any changes. To make a correction in an abstract already sent (title, text, co-authors, etc.), the main author can access the system with the password provided. This option will be available until December 9, 2020, the deadline for sending communications.
The authors of both oral and poster communications will be requested to send the presentation in advance following the instructions that the contact person will receive by email. In order to guarantee a proper procedure, authors must respect the deadlines and provide the files in the required formats.

Oral Communications:

Oral Communications will be prerecorded and will have a maximum duration of 8 minutes. They will be available on-demand during and after the Congress. At the end of the presentation, on the last slide, authors should include the email of the corresponding author to whom queries regarding the communication may be sent during the days of the Congress.

It is convenient that the audiovisual presentation meets a series of quality criteria:
  • The recommended number of slides is approximately of 8-10.
  • Legible font size and high contrast colors.
  • 4 or 5 lines of text.
  • Do not present charts with an excessive number of rows and columns.
  • Simple graphics avoiding an excessive number of data.

Electronic Posters will include the poster in digital format (PDF) and, in addition, they must include an audio with the oral presentation of the poster (4 minutes maximum of defense). They will be available on-demand during and after the Congress.

At the bottom of each poster, authors are requested to include the email of the corresponding author to whom queries regarding the poster may be sent during the days of the Congress.

Certificate of presentation 

Certificates of presentation will be sent by email after the end of the Congress. Please note that in order to receive this certificate, the abstract has to be presented in the required format and the main author must be registered and must have paid the corresponding fee.

Important dates

    CEarly registration deadline:
    17 December 2020
    Abstract Submission Deadline
    9 December 2020
    Notification of acceptance:
    from 23 December 2020